Trump Dominates Biden In New Crushing Poll

In a new poll released on Sunday, American citizens are voicing their opinion that the Biden administration is ignoring every top issue concerning Americans today. Public sentiment has become increasingly favorable to former President Donald Trump at the expense of trust for Biden.

The poll surveyed 536 adults on March 8 and 9, with 36% supporting Trump and 33% supporting Biden. There was also 30% saying they trust neither, with many of those being pro-Palestine protesters voting “uncommitted” in the recent primaries.

Trump is currently outperforming Biden on every key issue, including the economy, inflation, crime, immigration and the Israel-Hamas war, with two exceptions being abortion and climate change.

Trump received a staggering 49% favorability of the economy, with Biden getting a measly 37%. Inflation was also a massive win for Trump in the poll receiving 45% support for handling inflation with 31% going to Biden.

Crime was also a decisive victory for Trump scoring 41% to 35%. Immigration was Trump’s strongest issue he prevailed over the weak current administration gaining 45% favorability that Trump would truly fix the border and finish the wall.

Biden has played the quiet game on everything he’s losing support for this was most noticeable during his State of the Union address on Thursday last week. Most people polled said they didn’t bother watching the address.

The Israel — Hamas war was one of Biden’s strongest approval ratings but now he has been getting a steady decline in October receiving 41% to now only receiving a 30% approval rating. Protests for Palestine have been increasing in recent months demanding a ceasefire and also calling for action with the Biden administration to stop supporting Israel in the war.

The biggest notable protest was in the Michigan primary where over a hundred thousand Democrat voters voted uncommitted in the primary due to Biden’s silence of the war. This was a devasting blow for Biden since that many votes could flip the state for Trump in the general election.

Trump has been showing dominant leads in key swing states and is projected to keep or increase his leads in every state according to a Bloomberg Poll. He hasn’t been showing he will let up the pressure anytime soon and seems to be full steam ahead for a decisive victory in November.