Democrat Senator Disagrees With Biden On Support Of Israel

Following an Iranian attack against Israel, a Democrat senator criticized the president for “not standing firmly” with the Jewish nation that America has long supported.

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) made the comments on April 14, during an interview with CNN that discussed Iran’s attack on Israel. The drone and missile strike came nearly two weeks after Israel launched an airstrike against the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, killing several officials and one top leader.

Fetterman, known for his casual attire in Congress and being elected to represent the Keystone State despite having suffered cognitive impairment from a stroke, described the perceived lack of “standing firmly with Israel” as “astonishing,” adding that the United States “should never” consider “any kinds of conditions” on its long-standing camaraderie with the Jewish nation.

The senator expressed his support for the death of the Iranian officials and said he does not “agree with” President Joe Biden’s suggestion that Israel would not have the support of the United States if it were to launch a counter offensive against Iran. Fetterman said he believes America “should follow and have Israel’s back in this situation,” noting again that he does not “agree with the president.”

The senator also noted that Hamas is under the impression it is “winning the PR war” in its ongoing war against Israel, which began on Oct. 7, 2023, when the terrorist group slaughtered more than a thousand innocents in Israeli towns, leading Israel to attack the Gaza Strip and kill thousands more.

Because of this, Fetterman said, Hamas will “never” be open to negotiating ceasefire and peace deals, which is what Biden and his team have consistently called for and been working towards with other mediating countries.

On Sunday, Biden cautioned Israel from retaliating against Iran, noting that the United States was not going to support a potential expansion of the war. The president, along with other G7 nations, said that they “unequivocally condemn” the drone strike launched by Iran and called for an end to the Iranian offensive.

However, senior officials within the Biden administration revealed that the president told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that America’s support remained except in the case of an Israeli counter offensive that attacked Iran.