Carlson Receives Raucous Applause At Joe Rogan’s Comedy Club

Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson was recently met with raucous applause at a comedy show alongside famed podcaster Joe Rogan.

Carlson attended Rogan’s Comedy Mothership Club in Austin, Texas, during a live recording of the weekly comedy podcast, “Kill Tony.”

About 30 minutes into the show, which judges developing comics who each perform for 60 seconds, host Tony Hinchcliffe announced Carlson and Rogan onto the stage, prompting loud applause. Attendees cheered the pair as they greeted individuals on the stage.

“Tucker had no idea this was going on till about 30 seconds ago,” Rogan said. “He had no idea he was going on stage, he’s just finding out right now.”

“We were literally at dinner, and he’s [Rogan] like I wanna show you my new place. And we were standing backstage and I didn’t know I was coming out till I heard my name,” Carlson said.

During the show, Hinchcliffe asked Carlson what he thought of comedian Enrique Chacon who had just performed, asking the conservative commentator if he was familiar with stand-up comedy.

In response, Carlson said, “I love this man.”

“Aw, thank you Tucker. Maybe in return you could get me a green card,” Chacon joked. “I’ll do any gig in this country, but outside the country, I’m a have to hit up my man Tucker, you know what I mean?”

“You’re already taking jobs Americans can’t do?” Carlson teased in response.

“I was going to vote for you, but you know what? You lost a good one here, but actually I can’t vote,” Chacon said while laughing.

“No, I meant it as a compliment,” Carlson replied.

Hinchliffe later jumped into the conversation, asking Chacon, “Vote for him? Wait, hold on, Enrique who do you think Tucker Carlson is?”

As the panel continued introducing comics and judging performances, it eventually ended with comedian William Montgomery who referenced Carlson during his 60-second performance.

“Backstage Tucker actually asked me if I could tell some jokes in Russian,” Montgomery began. “But seriously, Tucker, my family has always worshipped you. It’s awesome that you came down from heaven to do Kill Tony.”

Throughout his short performance, Montgomery touched on some political issues facing the U.S. and criticized President Joe Biden and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Hinchcliffe asked Montgomery how he felt having Carlson in attendance, to which the comedian responded, “It really is a treat.”