‘Opportunities are over’ In Denver For Immigrants

Among U.S. blue cities with “sanctuary” status is Denver, CO. It has received more illegal immigrants than it can accommodate, and city officials are exhorting the “newcomers” to seek opportunities elsewhere — even offering bus tickets to the Canadian border.

In proper “sanctuary city” style, Denver employs someone whose official title is “Newcomer Communications Liaison.” Andres Carrera currently fills that spot, and he said to a crowd at one of the city’s shelters: “The opportunities are over.”

This indicates the Mile High City is not such a “sanctuary” any longer. He “welcomed” the immigrants by letting them know how much better the situation is for them in places such as New York, Chicago or possibly even Canada. He offered bus rides for the migrants to any destination — so long as it was not in Colorado.

While not directly ordering them to leave, Carrera offered as much discouragement as possible to the “newcomers”: “If you stay here, you are going to suffer even more, and I don’t want to see this.”

Faced with budget problems, Denver is making significant cuts in immigrant resources and will close three shelter hotels. It is also enforcing shelter stay limits of two weeks for individuals and six weeks for families.

Surrounding cities and counties have made it a point to advertise their non-sanctuary status, warning Denver not to send immigrants to their communities.

The particular group Carrera was addressing had just stepped off a bus chartered by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R). The Lone Star State has been coping with its immigration crisis by sending migrants to “sanctuary” cities that have long boasted that they will turn away no one.

New York Mayor Eric Adams (D) has seen his city take in over 200K immigrants since the start of President Biden’s term. He has long sounded the alarm that the current situation is unsustainable and will destroy his city. His verbal posturing has smacked of a conservative viewpoint at times, but his actions have done little to address the problem.

The Centennial State capital has a population of 700K but has seen a surge of 40K migrants in the past year. This is the highest per capita immigrant population among U.S. cities. Encampments filled with immigrants exist at many freeway interchanges and at the outskirts of state parks. Downtown areas such as the 16th Street Mall were once family-friendly and safe but now pose serious risks even during the daytime hours.