Biden’s Ex-Chief Of Staff Launches Obscenity-Filled Rant Against President

President Joe Biden’s former chief of staff was recently caught on a leaked recording heavily criticizing the president’s communications strategy, marking the latest sign that Democrats are panicking over the possibility that former President Donald Trump will win the 2024 election.

Ronald Klain served as Biden’s chief of staff under his presidency and vice presidency. He was unknowingly recorded at a private event, which showed him criticizing the president using many obscenities.

Klain claimed that Biden was overly focused on irrelevant “accomplishments” instead of what Americans care about.

The former Biden chief of staff pointed out that the president talks “too much” about the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge instead of inflation, which has led to skyrocketing grocery prices, affecting Americans.

Klain also rebuked Biden for saying that he was running for Congress in Pennsylvania.

RedState noted that Klain is correct in his criticism of the president for focusing on mundane things. The outlet reported that Biden’s campaign strategy has centered on taking short flights to states in the Midwest, where he gives a similar speech to union workers constantly while trying to take credit for a federally funded infrastructure project.

“If you’re a working American struggling to make ends meet as costs continue to skyrocket, do you care about a bridge being opened in Pennsylvania?” the outlet wrote. “Are you impressed that your taxpayer dollars were spent to pay off unions who will turn dump gobs of money into Biden’s campaign?”

“Does any of that make your everyday life better?” RedState added. “The answer is no, and it makes Biden look like an out-of-touch narcissist.”

Klain’s suggestion that Biden should change his tune on the campaign trail seems ineffective considering that the president’s policies have been disastrous for the U.S.

“What’s he going to shift to?” RedState wrote. “Bragging about the border crisis? The multiple wars that have broken out on his watch? Interest rates being so high that no one can afford a home? Prices being up nearly 20 percent since he took office?”

Biden’s focus on bridges likely won’t help him attract voters, but the president has no alternative, given his unfavorable policies.