Australian Officials Slam Musk as “Arrogant Billionaire” in Censorship Row

The feud between the Australian government and X owner Elon Musk is escalating after Musk refused to globally remove a video from the platform. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese labeled Musk an “out of touch” and “arrogant billionaire” lacking “common decency.”

The video in question shows the intense knife attack on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel at a Sydney church. Emmanuel suffered six stab wounds while four others had non-life-threatening injuries. A 15-year-old boy was arrested.

The incident is hard to watch, with rumors spreading about different outcomes of the attack with no confirmation coming from major news outlets. When the bishop’s status was updated, there was a wave of praise and support, with many calling his survival of the attack a miracle.

The video shows Bishop Emmanuel leading a church service as a man approaches the church altar, walking up and not running, and brutally attacking the bishop with a knife.

There were reports indicating that the knife used in the attack didn’t open, and that the attacker was only able to hit Emmanuel with the closed knife, but these reports have proven to be false as reliable updates on the health of the bishop have described the six stab wounds already mentioned.

His survival, however, remains miraculous.

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant a dual U.S.-Australian citizen and World Economic Forum member has been pressuring X to comply with Australia’s demands. Grant previously worked at Twitter.

Musk responded on X, posting a cartoon depicting a choice between “free speech” and “truth” or “censorship” and “propaganda.” He argues Australia has no right to control what the world sees online.

The confrontation raises significant concerns about the future of internet freedom as Australia attempts to dictate global content standards. Musk contends he is upholding free speech principles against dangerous government overreach.