Michael Moore To Jews: White Christians Are “Your Enemy,” Not Palestine

Acclaimed filmmaker and political activist Michael Moore recently said that the Jewish people should be more concerned about White Christians than tension with Palestine, arguing that Christians hailing from Europe are the real “enemy” of the Jews.

Moore, an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Michigan, made the remarks during an interview with MSNBC host Ayman Mohyeldin, in which they discussed the recent “uncommitted” message sent by Michigan voters in protest of President Joe Biden’s response to the war in Gaza.

Moore was part of a group of Wolverine State voters who collaborated to send a message to Biden on the state’s Democratic primary election. The president received over 100,000 “uncommitted” votes from Michigan residents on February 27, an act of protest to the commander-in-chief’s actions related to the ongoing war between Israel and its Palestinian rival, Hamas.

The armed conflict has been raging in the Gaza Strip since Oct. 7, 2023, when Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israeli towns, killing more than a thousand people and kidnapping hundreds more. Thousands of citizens have since been killed and displaced in the subsequent counter attacks from the Israeli military.

During the interview, Moore said that the Jewish people have been under persecution for five thousand years. He then said that, during the past two thousand years, “most of the persecution has come from White European-centric Christians.”

He added more directly to Jews, “that’s been your enemy,” backing his claim with arguments that “no Palestinian helped to build Auschwitz,” rejected Jewish refugees fleeing the Holocaust or “ran the Spanish inquisition.”

Moore emphasized that Palestinians are not the “enemy” of the Jewish people, but rather White Christians hailing from Europe. He further drove his point by saying that this group has been “slaughtering Jews” for the second half of the five thousand-year persecution of the Jewish people.

As part of their protest vote, Michigan residents have demanded President Biden impose an instant ceasefire in the ongoing war in Gaza. The “uncommitted” portion of primary voters—many of whom are Muslim and Arab-Americans—used their voice in the primary ballot box to warn the sitting president that he may not receive their votes in November if he maintains commitment to the United States’ long history of alliance with Israel.