Grothman: Trump Targeted ‘For Political Reasons’

The Biden White House is using a weaponized Justice Department to cancel his chief rival for the 2024 presidential election. That’s the word from Rep. Glenn Grothman (R-WI) of the House Oversight Committee, which is looking into charges of political wrongdoing by the administration.

Speaking on Newsmax’s “Saturday Agenda,” the Republican noted the more indictments Democrats level at former President Donald Trump, the better he ranks in polling data.

Grothman wondered aloud, “Is the underlying motivation here that they want President Trump to win the primary?”

He questioned if that was the ultimate goal of Democrats, who “must know” they are only building support for the embattled former president.

Grothman further called the prosecutorial overreach a purely “political move.” He hesitated to term the current government a totalitarian state but acknowledged Biden’s Justice Department is being wielded as a political weapon.

He wrapped up his statement by declaring that no member of the Trump White House on Jan. 6, 2021, believed the Republican would be president again.

Critics continue to charge the latest round of indictments run counter to the First Amendment. Legal scholar and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley cautioned Saturday that, if the legal actions are successful, they represent the granting of unprecedented power for use against free speech.

Writing in an op-ed for The Hill, Turley noted that Special Counsel Jack Smith in essence charged Trump for spreading “lies.” Even if that were true, which millions believe it is not, is the government ready to indict and possibly imprison individuals for faulty political information?

As Turley explained, “In order to secure convictions for this, Special Counsel Jack Smith would need to bulldoze through not just the First Amendment but also existing case law holding that even false statements are protected.”

The indictment hinged on Smith’s belief that Trump knew his statements about the election were false.

Does any observer truly believe that the former president is not convinced that he was robbed in 2020? Has Trump given one moment’s indication that he is not 100% convinced that the fix was in on Election Day?

No. The indictment stated that Trump looked for people to confirm his conviction that he won the election. This is not only allowed but expected. To deny this right is to deny the First Amendment offers any protections for speech or belief.