GOP Rep. Collins Suggests Buttigieg Should Be Impeached Over Ohio Response

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg drew heat on Tuesday after Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) suggested he should possibly be ousted from his position given his self-admitted slow response to the catastrophic train derailment and ensuing toxic spill in East Palestine, Ohio.

Collins appeared on Fox News’ Varney & Co to discuss some of the many issues surrounding American travel infrastructure such as large-scale flight cancellations and numerous train derailments, blaming the federal agency for many of the recent fiascos.

“The solution is… you get rid of Pete Buttigieg and get somebody in there that knows what they’re doing and what they’re talking about,” Collins reportedly asserted.

After being asked to clarify whether or not an impeachment of Buttigieg may soon follow, the congressman responded, “well, if he doesn’t resign, everything’s on the table.”

Collins, whose family has reportedly run a trucking business for 30 years, attacked the DOT for not acting sooner following the derailment in EAt Palestine, arguing, “They should have shown up immediately.”

“[A]ny time we have a problem, as far as small businesses are concerned, you get right to the scene and see exactly what’s going on, so you can assess the problem… figure out what the solution is,” Collins said.

He attacked Transportation Secretary Buttigieg as well, saying, “he just was bent on not going.”

“That’s just another, in my opinion, another clear example of this agency and the fact that they have got their sights set on stuff other than trying to improve the infrastructure of this country. And that’s the woke culture that this guy is promoting,” continued Collins.

The Georgia representative additionally pointed out that the CEO of Norfolk Southern, the rail company responsible for the toxic spill, recently told shareholders the firm is making a push for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in order to foster “a safe, inclusive culture.”

Collins called for Buttigieg to resign in a speech he recently delivered on the House floor.

As was reported by Just The News, Buttigieg did not take a trip to the town until last week, around three weeks after the derailment took place. The transportation secretary’s visit came just one day after an appearance in the town by former President Donald Trump.