Dylan Mulvaney Makes Headlines Again With New Video

Dylan Mulvaney is in the spotlight again. Mulvaney is the trans activist who made headlines last year when he documented his journey to transition via his “Days of Girlhood” video journal and entered into an advertising partnership with Bud Light beer.

Pushback to Bud Light’s decision to highlight the trans activist was swift and fierce. Outspoken critics included former President Donald Trump and singers Kid Rock and Garth Brooks.

MSN reported that a boycott of Bud Light led to parent company Anheuser-Busch losing billions in value and a drop in sales of 26%.

On Wednesday, Mulvaney hit back with the release of a music video titled “Days of Girlhood.” The video featured Mulvaney wearing lingerie and dancing by a pool with biological females dressed in bikinis.

According to Newsmax, the music video lauds female-driven movies such as “Mean Girls” and “Legally Blonde.” The song also dismissively comments on the Bud Light fiasco.

Notably, Mulvaney’s brief partnership with Bud Light resulted in the firing of Anheuser-Busch’s marketing chief and 13 staffers at the ad firm responsible for the Bud Light-Mulvaney commercial.

The “Days of Girlhood” song, written by Mulvaney, includes the line, “The patriarchy’s over, you can hold our beer!”

Just as the 2023 controversy was dying down, Mulvaney seems to have stoked the fire with the song’s release.

The backlash to Mulvaney’s new song has been fierce. Daily Wire contributor Candace Owens blasted the creative attempt, saying it made a “mockery of women” and likened it to the inappropriateness of blackface minstrel shows of yesteryear.

Owens rhetorically asked how it was acceptable for Mulvaney, 27, to claim to be a “little girl,” and celebrate his “journey to girlhood” on a platform with a large youth demographic.

“Blackface, that’s not allowed,” said Owens sarcastically, “but womanface, that’s fine.”

Many X users were equally outraged. One posted: “The most offensive thing about Dylan Mulvaney is its obsession with girlhood. You have never experienced being a girl. You will never be a girl. You are a mentally ill man. Stop making a mockery of girlhood, you perverse weasel.”

Defiant, Mulvaney said during an interview with Pink News that the song and video came from a “desire to reclaim my relationship to femininity and celebrate trans joy.”

“I’m releasing the song on my second year of transition anniversary,” said Mulvaney. “I’m so grateful to my followers who have watched my journey unfold, and hope that when they listen to the song they will hear the joy it has brought me!”