Disney’s Woke Crusade Continues With Cartoon Demand For Reparations

Disney’s long slide from a family entertainment empire to a woke pile of useless rubble continues unabated. Its latest manifestation is an installment of the Disney+ series “Proud Family” that demanded reparations for the “fact” that slaves built this country.

The episode titled “Louder and Prouder” aired recently and summarized the history of the Juneteenth holiday. The story began when the kids learn that their town was founded by a slave owner.

The musical number that is repeated throughout the episode started with the line, “This country was built on slavery — which means slaves built this country.”

It doesn’t come close to stopping there.

The song declared, “We the descendants of slaves in America have earned reparations for their suffering.” It further said that they “continue to earn reparations every moment we spend submerged in systematic prejudice, racism, and White supremacy.”

The lyrics slam America for still not atoning for its original sin. And this is a Disney cartoon?

Four Black students in the episode shout that slaves “made your families rich.” They accuse a laundry list of suspects from plantation owners and northern bankers to “New England ship-owners, the Founding Fathers, and current senators.”

As blatantly offensive as this Disney+ cartoon is, it is far from the only current example of woke nonsense being pushed by the once respectable company.

Disney subsidiary Hulu is now streaming a series from New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and her debunked 1619 Project. Serious historians have been kept busy countering the outlandish lies propagated by the work, but Disney instead gave it a bright platform.

The list of false claims is too numerous to delve into, but one of the most glaring is the 1619 Project’s declaration that the American Revolution was fought to keep the institution of slavery intact.

In order to achieve this complete rewrite of American history, facts are tossed aside like so much garbage and replaced with self-serving conjectures and outright falsehoods. But for Disney, this is now business as usual.

Which means that for conservative Americans, business as usual should mean doing no business with Disney and its affiliates. Dollars speak in a way that email campaigns can never hope to accomplish, and Disney no longer deserves the support of U.S. families.