Controversial Judge Merchan Releases Jury Questions For Trump Trial

The drive to criminally prosecute former President Donald Trump hit high gear this week when Judge Juan Merchan released his potential juror questionnaire. Perhaps the better choice would be for him to screen himself for obvious bias in the highly-charged case.

The criminal trial is scheduled to start on April 15 in New York. Among the queries to be answered is whether the potential juror has “any strong opinions or firmly held beliefs about whether a former president may be criminally charged in a state court.”

Citizens must also answer how they feel about Trump’s prosecution in this case.

As he is in the middle of a pivotal race for the White House and facing one Democratic persecution after another, Trump and his attorneys attempted to delay this latest court proceeding.

That effort has been stymied at every turn, and this lawsuit is likely the last-ditch effort to move what is obviously a waste of valuable time into the future.

And the questions potential jurors must answer are astonishing. They are to reveal any feelings at all concerning the 45th president, if they ever attended one of his rallies, volunteered with any group associated with Trump or are a member of the Proud Boys or Antifa.

Judge Merchan wants to know if potential jurors read one of Trump’s books, can ignore previously known details of the case or have opinions on limits concerning political contributions.

Interestingly, Democratic voters will be allowed to be jurors in Trump’s forthcoming trial.

Neither side will be permitted to ask prospective jurors about their voting history, intentions or any political contributions.

Democrats charged Trump with 34 counts of falsifying business records in the first degree. The case relates to alleged hush money payments made to an adult actress over events accusers said happened in 2006.

Trump categorically denied the accusations and pleaded not guilty to all charges. Despite the flourish of civil proceedings the former president has recently endured at the hands of vengeful leftists, this trial will be the first he faced of a criminal nature.

His opponents want nothing more than to derail his candidacy and ultimately put him behind bars.