Father Convicted Of Poisoning Newborn To Avoid Child Support

A Georgia man was found guilty and sentenced to decades behind bars in connection with the attempted murder of his own child.

According to investigators, Curtis Jack and a work colleague had a romantic relationship that resulted in the woman’s pregnancy. Although Jack reportedly encouraged the woman to have an abortion, she declined and gave birth in September 2020.

Just days later, prosecutors told jurors during the trial, he intercepted a pair of bottles containing breastmilk and poisoned them with antifreeze. He carried them to the home of the baby’s grandmother, who fed the tainted milk to the newborn.

Within a matter of hours, the baby became seriously ill, prompting an investigation that resulted in Jack being named a suspect. Police say he initially admitted poisoning the bottles in hopes of avoiding child support payments, but he later attempted to retract his confession.

Fortunately, the baby survived, and Jack was charged with first-degree cruelty to a child and criminal attempt to commit murder.

With or without a confession, South Fulton Police Sgt. Pserda Dickerson stressed the importance of presenting prosecutors with sufficient evidence to prove Jack’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

“It’s beyond getting a confession,” the police sergeant said. “We still have to prove someone committed the crime. You still have to prove that the person is guilty.”

The nature of this case made it particularly important for law enforcement and prosecutors to ensure that jurors understood all of the relevant facts.

“It hit home because it was an 18-day-old baby,” Dickerson explained.

In addition to testimony from the baby’s mother and grandmother on behalf of the prosecution, jurors heard from police officers and medical experts during the trial. Prosecutors also provided a demonstration highlighting the ease with which breastmilk could be poisoned.

After hearing all of the evidence presented and deliberating, the jury returned a guilty verdict on all counts. Jack was subsequently sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Although the young girl’s mother did not issue a public statement regarding the incident, reports indicate that the child has recovered from the poisoning and is currently in good health.