US Denies Claims Of Delaying Aid To Israel

Amid the ongoing war in the Middle East, the United States has been accused by an Israeli official of slowing the flow of its aid to the war torn region.

America, which is a long-time ally of Israel, has denied the accusations and maintained that it has sent aid as needed without unnecessary delay. Although the United States has consistently expressed solidarity with Israel during the war, while also sending humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, the senior Israeli official said that recent aid to the Jewish state has become “very slow” compared to the beginning of the conflict.

The official also indicated that he was unsure why the aid is allegedly arriving slower than it had been previously provided. John Kirby, the national security communications advisor for the White House, rejected the accusations.

While he did not specify the precise “timeline for every individual system” that will be sent to the Middle East, Kirby stated that the United States “continue[s] to support Israel with their self-defense needs.” He added that this will not change, which is something he claimed that federal leaders have been “very, very direct about.”

Kirby’s denial of the allegation was backed by other American officials, who seconded his response that the nation has not adjusted any of its policies or plan to back down on promises to support Israel in its military actions.

Per an agreement that came about under former President Barack Obama, the United States gives Israel military defense systems that amount to roughly $3.8 billion each year. The current agreement is reportedly not under reconsideration, although officials have said that the United States is talking about how to influence Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reduce the impact of its military actions on civilians.

However, American leaders have indicated that threatening to reduce aid provided to the war torn region is not being considered as an incentive, though they could be willing to provide more aid if Israel adjusts its offensive tactics.

The accusation that the United States is slowing its aid to Israel comes as Israel also accused the Biden administration of trying to kick Netanyahu out of office. Recently, the United States had indicated that the prime minister and his team of government leaders “may be in jeopardy.”

The war in the Middle East has continued since Oct. 7, 2023, when the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israeli towns, killing more than a thousand and kidnapping hundreds more. In controversial offensive responses, the Israeli military has spearheaded air strikes in the Gaza Strip, increasing the death toll by thousands.

While supporting Israel, the United States has also been pushing for ceasefire deals between the rivals and called for an end to the war.