Starbucks To Remove All Pride Decorations In Stores

Starbucks Workers United recently claimed that the coffee drink giant is banning all decorations in its stores across the U.S. relating to Pride month. It reportedly began doing so weeks ago.

Left-leaning media outlets like The New Republic were angered following the development and accused Starbucks of caving to Republicans.

The move comes after boycotts of Target and Bud Light over advertisement campaigns and merchandise promoting the LGBT community. Other retail outlets and performers, like Garth Brooks, are receiving backlash for supporting the boycotted stores.

Brooks, for example, is standing firm on serving Bud Light in his Nashville bar, calling those who oppose his decision a——-. He told such people that they can find another bar.

“BREAKING: In the middle of Pride Month, Starbucks BANS Pride decorations in stores across the United States,” the union tweeted.

So far, Starbucks has not confirmed banning Pride decorations in its stores, but its union is standing by its claim.

According to the Daily Beast, “Starbucks has instructed workers in at least twenty-one states to remove Pride flags and decorations from stores, in a move that has enraged voters, according to the union Starbucks Workers United (SBWU). Baristas at stores have reported being told to remove Pride paraphernalia, Casey Moore, a spokesperson for SBWU told The Daily Beast.”

The Daily Beast continued, “Workers in Oklahoma were told ‘it was a safety issue related to the recent attacks on Target,’ Moore said, while in Massachusetts, workers were told ‘they didn’t have any labor hours to decorate for Pride.’”

Such a move is surprising because Starbucks has always adopted a pro-LGBT stance. In 2023, the chain partnered with artist Tim Singleton to design various multi-colored Pride-themed tumblers. Yet, according to the union, Starbucks has decided that the Pride decorations must be removed in all stores, including the unionized ones.

The union claimed that this isn’t the first time Starbucks has failed to “stand up” for the LGBT community. It accused the company of forcing “transgender” employees to pay out of pocket for health treatments in October 2022.