Reports: Police Question Father Of Ex-UFC Fighter After Shooting

The father of a retired UFC star was reportedly questioned by police after a shooting at the fighter’s home in Florida.

According to reports, 38-year-old Jorge Masvidal was not at his residence on Thursday afternoon when a man was shot at the location. Authorities responded to a call at about 3 p.m. and first responders identified “an adult male who was shot in his upper extremities.”

Police reportedly found the fighter’s father, Jorge Masvidal Sr., at the location and took him into custody. He was allegedly engaged in an argument with the other man that ended when “he produced a firearm” and opened fire.

The two men were apparently acquaintances, but additional details about the nature of the dispute were not immediately available. Early reports indicated the victim was shot twice but was expected to survive.

Miami-Dade police clarified that the younger Masvidal “was not present during the incident and did not have any involvement.”

The younger Masvidal amassed an impressive record in the ring and a loyal fanbase, but retired last month after a string of losses, exiting the sport with 35 victories and 17 defeats.

He has signaled a desire to continue fighting in other venues, including plans announced in a tweet on Thursday to participate in Florida’s first sanctioned bare-knuckles match. It was unclear as of this writing whether the fight would still take place in light of the incident at his home.

He has also been outspoken in sharing his political beliefs, including praise for prominent conservatives like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

Trump was in attendance at a UFC event last month and Masvidal used his post-fight platform to share his thoughts.

“Greatest president in the history of the world,” the fighter said in reference to Trump. “I love that guy.”

He went on to express support for DeSantis, calling on Florida residents to keep the state “free” and “red.”

Masvidal also used the opportunity to criticize President Joe Biden, leading the crowd in a chant of “Let’s Go Brandon.”

The phrase has become common among Biden critics in recent years and originated when a reporter apparently misheard a vulgar slogan being shouted from the stands at a NASCAR event.