Patriotic Indiana Teen Gets Surprise Gift From Imaging Company

An Indiana high school student recently received a surprise reward for taking a courageous stand over flying the American flag from his pickup truck. Cameron Blasek of East Central High School in St. Leon was told by an assistant principal that the stars and stripes were inappropriate.

Blasek won the fight, and word of his valor reached GCI Digital Imaging in Cincinnati. The patriotic company decided to reward the teenager with a free American flag custom wrap for his truck, complete with the red, white and blue.

The young man told WXIX-TV, “I’m pretty happy that now I get to pull up to school in this thing, and I’m happy to show off this American pride that I’ve been shown.”

The company gave Blasek’s truck an impressive makeover and then hauled it back to him on a flatbed. CGI Digital Imaging owner T.J. Bedacht explained “we did it because we are proud Americans that believe that Cameron did exactly what needs to be done.”

Bedacht said the teenager stood up for all of our freedoms.

The senior was called to the assistant principal’s office earlier this month and questioned over the prominent American flag attached to his pickup. He was told to remove the offending item, but he refused.

Blasek told the school administrator, “It’s not happening.” He recalled saying that it will be there “all day today and first thing in the morning tomorrow, too.”

He was then informed that if he did not remove the flag he would be written up for insubordination. The school needed to stock up on disciplinary slips the next day as a grassroots protest formed.

The following morning, almost two dozen other students showed up on campus with the stars and stripes attached to their vehicles. Cameron was once again called into the administration and asked about the demonstration.

He said that while the school had the right to ask for the flag’s removal, he also had the right to refuse.

Blasek’s courageous stand led to misguided school officials backing away from their demands. The principal then sent a letter to parents claiming to encourage “expressions of patriotism and pride in our nation among our students and staff.”

The teenager is considering enlisting in the military after graduation.