Mayorkas Accused Gov. Abbott Of ‘Trying To Wreak Havoc’

Impeached Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas lashed out at Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Sunday. He told CNN’s “State of the Union” that his intent was “to wreak havoc in other cities and states across the country.”

The Biden secretary is outraged that Abbott has the gall to ship migrants around the nation to cities that declared their “sanctuary” status.

His ingenious plan brought the spotlight on the Biden administration’s egregious open border policies. At the same time, it enraged Democrats who now face tens of thousands of illegal migrants on their doorsteps.

Host Dana Bash played a recording for Mayorkas of Abbott laying out his argument that Biden could stop the illegal invasion under powers he already possesses.

The governor explained, “there are laws on the books passed by [the] Congress of the United States right now that authorize the executive branch to deny illegal entry.”

Abbott added that Biden does not need new laws but merely “a backbone” to carry through with the enforcement of statutes already in place.

Mayorkas retorted that the Republican governor “couldn’t be more wrong.” Then he launched into a diatribe against the elected official who is currently doing the most to halt the invasion.

The secretary charged Abbott “is purposefully refusing to coordinate, communicate, collaborate with other officials…That is not a model of governance and he could not be more wrong.”

Now, leftist municipal leaders face the results of open border policies, and they are not happy.

Democratic Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson, who embraces his city’s misguided sanctuary policies, recently accused Abbott of sowing “seeds of chaos” by moving migrants across the country.

The mayor charged that through buses and plane flights, the Texas governor is exporting the border crisis. Johnson called these actions “dangerous” and a risk to national security.

What they truly are is a brilliant move to force those who make sanctuary declarations hundreds of miles from the border to face the music. These Democrats rolled out the red carpet for the illegal migrant invasion, and now they deal with the consequences already endured by border states.