Elon Musk Backed Kevin McCarthy

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk decided to share another political opinion with the public Thursday before McCarthy’s eventual win in the House, posting on Twitter that he believes Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) “should be Speaker.”

Musk has supported McCarthy before. Records from the Federal Elections Commission reportedly indicate that Musk has donated to McCarthy’s congressional runs five times since 2011.

The tech guru sent a follow-up Twitter post inquiring as to why many oppose McCarthy after ostensibly hearing dissenting opinions on the matter.

“Subtle, but I am beginning to suspect opinions differ on this matter,” Musk wrote online.

“If not McCarthy, then seriously who?”

Musk received a response from the well-known conservative social media account “Catturd,” who shared a concluded poll titled, “Should Kevin McCarthy be Speaker?” jokingly writing, “Vox Populi, Vox Dei.”

Catturd’s post was in reference to Musk’s use of the aforementioned phrase when explaining his reasoning for unbanning the Twitter account of former President Trump.

Musk is not the only high-profile public figure to express support for McCarthy. Former President Trump expressed his support for the longtime member of House leadership as well, posting on Truth Social, “Some really good conversations took place last night, and it’s now time for all of our GREAT Republican House Members to VOTE FOR KEVIN.” The former president additionally urged Republicans to not “TURN A GREAT TRIUMPH INTO A GIANT & EMBARRASSING DEFEAT.”

“Kevin McCarthy will do a good job, and maybe even a GREAT JOB – JUST WATCH!” Trump said.

McCarthy, who faced a large amount of opposition to his bid for Speaker of the House, finally assumed the position following a historic 15th vote.

The last tally included 216 votes for McCarthy, 212 votes for Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), and six congressmen voting present.

This marked the first instance in 15 bouts of votes that McCarthy received zero “no” votes from members of the GOP. The six Republicans who elected to vote “present” rather than “yes” or “no” were Reps. Andy Biggs (AZ), Lauren Boebert (CO), Eli Crane (AZ), Matt Gaetz (FL), Bob Good (VA) and Matt Rosendale (MT).