Obama Blasts Protestors In Ritzy Fundraiser: ‘Sometimes You Have To Listen’

Former President Barack Obama was recently confronted by a mob of protesters outside of a ritzy fundraiser for current President Joe Biden, resulting in him losing his cool with the crowd, advising them that they need to “listen.”

The Thursday fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall in New York City featured former presidents Bill Clinton, Obama and Biden with the Biden campaign hoping to generate enthusiasm and funding for the uphill battle ahead.

While the “grassroots fundraiser” would largely be considered a success, as the wealthy attendees committed millions to the Delaware politician’s re-election campaign, not everyone in attendance was so fond of the Biden administration and its cohorts.

Loads of pro-Palestine leftists were also in the crowd as phrases such as “Shame on you, Joe Biden” and “Blood on your hands” made their way throughout the hall.

One heckler at the event blew a whistle while holding a handmade sign that read “War pig” and warned of an imminent “nuclear war with Russia” before she was ultimately removed.

The speakers in attendance attempted to quell dissent as best they could, with Biden urging security to escort protesters outside while Obama made efforts to reason with the unruly group.

“No, listen; you can’t talk all the time. Sometimes you have to listen,” Obama said in response to angry attendees.

Other notable, non-presidential politicians were also in attendance, such as House Minority Leader Hakeem Jefferies (D-NY) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who both got their desired moments in the spotlight.

While protests within the venue were sparse — occurring only six times during the discussion — a much larger group demanding a cease-fire was gathered outside.

Hundreds of demonstrators assembled as the angered group shouted phrases such as “Free, free Palestine,” “F— Joe Biden” and “Genocide Joe has got to go!” The masses also waved Palestinian flags and were equipped with signs calling Biden and his fellow Democrats “war criminals.”

The Thursday night event is a continuation of a fundraising boom that the Biden-Harris campaign has been a part of, raising $53 million over the past month. The recent fundraising brings the campaign’s total war chest to a whopping $155 million, a significant amount more than former President Donald Trump’s $36.6 million.

Despite the immense difference in funding, Trump spent his New York City trip attending the wake of a fallen NYPD officer rather than bumping shoulders with the city’s elites.