Haley Scolds Supporters For Booing Disruptive Climate Protesters

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) scolded her own supporters during a campaign event in New Hampshire on Saturday night after they dared to boo climate activists who interrupted the event.

A group of young protesters disrupted the event in Nashua, New Hampshire, where they attempted to shout over Haley, screaming about climate change and holding up signs that read, “Haley: Climate Criminal.”

As is typical at a Republican event, the crowd booed the activists, both for their radical views and for their disruptive actions that do nothing to further their cause.

Haley responded to the incident by scolding her own supporters, rather than the protesters.

“My husband and other military men and women sacrifice for us every day for her to be able to do that,” she told the crowd as the protesters were escorted out of the event.

Haley also expressed sympathy for the climate activists later in the event.

“We’re all worried about the environment, too,” she said, according to Politico. “We all want clean air. We all want clean water. We all want a world that we can have our kids and our grandkids grow up. That’s not up for debate.”

“What we need to do is do it in a sensible way,” Haley added. “First, call out India and China for the big polluters that they are. They are the ones that have to start cutting our emissions if we ever plan on doing something that’s really going to save the environment.”

This is not the first time that Haley scolded Republicans for daring to oppose the left’s radicalism. In a recently resurfaced video, the establishment candidate was seen condemning conservatives for referring to illegal aliens as criminals.

These incidents underscore a common critique of Haley, as many have argued that she appears to be a Democrat trying to run as a Republican. Many of her views, including her aggressively pro-war positions, align better with the left than with conservatives. This was evident during the Iowa Caucuses, where she won a single left-leaning county by one vote after Democrats flocked to the precinct to support her, causing the precinct to run out of party switch forms.

Former president and current GOP primary frontrunner Donald Trump made this observation during a New Hampshire rally, where he pointed out that Haley is being supported by “radical left Democrats.”

Trump pointed out that Haley’s supporters and donors are “pro-amnesty, they’re pro-China, they’re pro-open borders” and “pro-war.” He argued that Haley supported many of those things as well.

“The radical Left Democrats are supporting Nikki Haley because they know she’s much easier to beat than Trump,” Trump said during the Wednesday event in Portsmouth. “A vote for Nikki Haley this Tuesday is a vote for Joe Biden and a Democrat Congress in November because that’s what’s going to happen.”

Trump made similar comments during another rally on Tuesday in Atkinson, New Hampshire, where he declared that “Nikki Haley, in particular, is counting on the Democrats and liberals to infiltrate your Republican primaries. That’s what’s happening. A group of people coming in that are not Republicans, and it’s artificially boosting her numbers here, although we’re still leading her by a lot.”

Haley’s support among Democrats is evident from her donor list, with pro-Haley super PAC “Stand For America Fund” accepting a $250,000 donation from Jeffrey Epstein-linked Democrat megadonor Reid Hoffman. Haley also has Democrats working on her campaign, including her New Hampshire state director Tyler Clark, who previously lobbied for the Democrat-aligned dark money group, the Sixteen Thirty Fund.