Haley Now Hoping For ‘Strong Second’ In NH

As recently as December New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) predicted a victory for Nikki Haley in his state’s primary. He said in an ABC interview: “If everyone that could vote in the primary comes out and votes, not only — she’s going to win in a landslide”.

Of course, before New Hampshire, there were the Iowa caucuses. Haley did win there — but it was the Bronze medal. She finished in third place with 21% of the vote, within shouting distance of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) who finished with 23%. Donald Trump won in a blowout with 51% of the vote.

Winning in a true majority was viewed as an important bellwether event for the former president. It has eliminated other rivals from the race early in the process and brought them to his side. Entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy finished with only 7.7% of the vote and pledged his support for Donald Trump.

As a side note, former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) shocked the political world when he bowed out with 35 votes. That’s not a misprint — that’s 35 total votes in the entire state of Iowa. Perhaps these were the folks joining the then-governor on a closed beach during a 2017 government shutdown.

Even the hordes of Democrat saboteurs filling out party switch forms to vote for the former South Carolina governor couldn’t seem to move the needle for Haley.

Gov. Sununu is now channeling world-class liar Bill Clinton in his revisionism regarding the outlook for Haley’s campaign.

Rick Klein of ABC News quoted Sununu as stating: “We always wanted to have a strong second. That’s the only expectation we ever laid out there.”

Someone should let Gov. Sununu know that it is the 21st century and that he cannot lie to the internet.

Perhaps even a “strong second” finish is a bit of an optimistic outlook, as Haley appears to be writing off the Granite State. She has had a notable lack of recent public appearances and opted out of a debate with Ron DeSantis.

Nikki Haley is Republican, but whether she qualifies as an ideological conservative is another question.

On the Mitt Romney scale of Republicans In Name Only (RINOs), Nikki Haley falls somewhere in between Chris Christie and Donald Trump. Her pro-life positions have been lukewarm, espousing the eye-rolling “personally pro-life” stance. She has used phrases such as “national consensus” and “let the people decide” at various times regarding the issue. This indicates she’d side with the majority rather than stand on principle.

She has waffled on the Climate Change hoax, stating she believes it is real, but her actions have been promising. As U.N. Ambassador under President Trump, she was involved in pulling the U.S. out of the draconian Paris Agreement. On immigration, she has stated support for closed borders. On guns, she has spoken out against “red flag” laws which allow governments to confiscate firearms without due process.

While there are hopeful aspects to a Haley presidency, many feel that electing Donald Trump in 2024 is vital. A strong statement needs to be made by the people of the United States in light of the “banana republic” tactics being used to destroy him.

The upshot is that the 2024 Republican primary is shaping up to be the same type of formality as if Donald Trump were the incumbent president. It’s looking like a PGA golf tournament when Tiger Woods was in his prime. Everyone else was competing for second place.