Greta Thunberg Arrested For Protesting Dutch Energy Policy

Leftist environmental activist Greta Thunberg was recently detained and arrested by authorities in the Netherlands for blocking the roads that lead to The Hague, along with a Dutch train station, in the name of the climate extremism that has made her internationally famous — and infamous — explaining that her actions were to address the “planetary emergency” she has benefited so much from.

The young professional protester was with environmental activist group The Extinction Rebellion that was blocking the road that leads to The Hague when she was first confronted by police, who detained the group Saturday for their tumultuous behavior.

Thunberg was subsequently released by authorities, but went directly to join a gathering of protesters blocking a completely different road, this one leading to a local train station. After a short investigation, police arrested the climate protesters and removed them from the scene, with Thunberg giving a victory sign with another protester from inside the bus.

The group was protesting tax incentives and subsidies being offered by the European nation to companies associated with energy companies, targeting fossil fuels and the efforts the Dutch government is making to bring down astronomically high energy costs for its residents.

Extinction Rebellion has been responsible for numerous incidents like this one, blocking the way to get to the Dutch Parliament in protest of the incentives being offered to energy-related companies.

This is not Thunberg’s first encounter with the law. Her actions have earned her fines and criminal charges in several countries since she first came on the scene as the darling of the climate extremist community.

In London, Thunberg was able to avoid a guilty verdict, but has faced multiple fines from Sweden and the U.K for her efforts to force the public to care about an issue she has been convinced is an existential threat.