Democrat-Run States Fighting To Ensure Review Of 2020 Census

In 2020, Democrat-run states across America saw a steep decline in their populations, given the left’s totalitarian policies regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, officials in such states have recently begun fighting to ensure that census figures are updated to show an increase in population size.

States such as Illinois and California are adding thousands of individuals to their population total after successfully asking for their 2020 census figures to be reviewed, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Also following in the footsteps of Illinois and California is New York City, which recently reported an increase of 1,000 individuals in its population after asking the Census Bureau to review the Big Apple’s figures by ordering a head count of all U.S. residents.

The census, which occurs every 10 years, helps determine which way the political pendulum could swing in forthcoming elections and paves the way for the distribution of $2.8 trillion in funding from the federal government.

The Census Bureau allows state officials to request a review of their population sizes. Nearly 200 reviews were submitted by local, state, and federal governments for the 2020 census.

California recently moved to reallocate misplaced sailors on an aircraft carrier to different cities in The Golden State. State officials weren’t busy adding individuals to their population. Instead, they focused on ensuring the Census Bureau changed the location of one of its aircraft carriers from San Diego, California, to National City, California.

The location of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln was corrected to verify that it was in National City instead of San Diego.

Officials in The Golden State also ordered the transfer of over 4,000 prisoners at the Mule Creek State Prison from Amador County to Ione, California.

California’s head demographer, Walter Schwarm, said the changes requested by the state were “just an opportunity to suggest to the bureau that some things are in the wrong place.”

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker (D) also took steps to review the 2020 census in The Prairie State, recently announcing the addition of 47,000 people to its population total.

In a statement, the Illinois governor said such a request would allow millions of dollars from the federal government to go toward “crucial programs” in the state.

“This correction will bring in millions in additional federal funding for crucial programs and help to ensure future counts reflect the true number of Illinois residents,” Pritzker said.