Chicago Homeless Asks City Council To Take Care Of Americans, Not Illegals

While the liberals running Chicago are handing out free resources to illegal immigrants that have come to the city, one homeless man said enough is enough and let officials have it at a city council meeting.

The unidentified homeless man spoke in front of the council describing his struggles to receive resources.

“They feel like you’re anti-American and maybe it’s time to really look at this,” the homeless man told the council members.

“Accountability is what I stand on,” he added, pointing out, “the last 120 days that I have suffered, still homeless, countless SR numbers, but I watch individuals who came, who have come from thousands of miles away get preferential treatment.”

In the video, he mentioned that he is unable to have a driver’s license, insurance or a car because he cannot afford it since he’s homeless. Meanwhile, illegals have been able to obtain cars, skipping ahead of Americans.

“This is my home. Chicago, this is my home… 43 years, this is my home. This is our home. However, we’ve been pushed to the wayside, it seems,” he said.

The man also mentioned how as a Black man, he is unable to get a gun to protect himself while homeless, while illegals have access to guns. For a liberal city, it seems pretty easy for illegals to get their hands on guns while law-abiding citizens are left defenseless.

“A city without walls has no defense. And we got no walls. So understand it, the city without walls has no defense,” he concluded as others applauded.

The saddest part about illegal immigration is watching foreigners who snuck into the country being treated better than Americans living on the streets. While liberal cities like Chicago and New York City pull out the red carpet for these illegals, men and women born in this country get nothing.

According to CBS, Chicago has spent nearly $300 million on illegals coming into the Windy City. It shows that the democratic party does not care about the homeless as it claims. If they did, men like this poor Chicago man would not have to struggle while illegals overtake the shelters and resources.