Biden Reassessing Border Strategy As Approval Tanks

Joe Biden appears to have modified his stance on immigration as his hopes for reelection are becoming less realistic — contemplating “harsh” executive actions to curb the inflow of migrants as the general election looms. Notably, administration insiders have revealed that Biden is considering measures that starkly contrast his earlier promises, potentially banning migrants from entering the U.S. illegally and complicating the asylum-seeking process.

This shift comes amid escalating migration, with records indicating a consistent annual increase in border crossings since Biden assumed office. The Axios reports highlight a White House struggling with the political, legal, and logistical ramifications of unprecedented migrant surges. A source close to the situation ominously noted, “The bullet’s in the chamber,” signaling a readiness to implement drastic measures.

In a desperate bid to address the burgeoning crisis, Biden’s potential executive actions mirror President Donald Trump’s policies in some ways. The proposed orders would restrict illegal entry and make the initial asylum interview process more stringent. CNN first reported on the possible changes in current policy. The liberal outlet even noted that the possible modifications would strongly resemble the failed Senate compromise efforts.

Biden’s lax border enforcement has led to a massive increase in illegal border crossings, now numbering more than 5 million since he assumed office. The rapid escalation has strained law enforcement resources to the breaking point while also leading to new record numbers of illegal migrant deaths at the border. The administration has removed its original immigration promises from its website, replacing them with a dismissive meme. That has been seen by many as only further alienating the ordinary Americans directly affected by the administration’s open borders policies.

The shift in priorities threatens to affect Biden’s standing with progressives who dominate the modern Democrat Party. Even if some executive actions could offer temporary relief, the hardcore progressive lobby that pressures the administration is certain to continue to insist on “comprehensive immigration reform” through Congress that would cement the open borders policies now hammering the nation.