Aid Workers Killed In Gaza By Israeli Friendly Fire

Seven aid workers were killed on Tuesday in Gaza when their three-vehicle convoy was attacked by an Israeli airstrike. The aid workers were part of the organization, World Central Kitchen, which was founded by celebrity chef Jose Andres. Those killed were part of an international team who were there to distribute food to the citizens of Gaza.

They were traveling in vehicles with the World Central Kitchen logo, and the organization had coordinated their movement with the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). World Central Kitchen was working with the Israeli Army to distribute food to Gaza civilians affected by the war.

The organization stated that they would pause their operations in the region after the incident.

The aid workers had moved 100 tons of food into a warehouse in northern Gaza from a ship. The recent food shipment was part of an effort to use the seaport to receive humanitarian aid. Gaza’s port is not well-developed, but the U.S. military is building a floating pier for supply ships to offload cargo in Gaza.

The majority of aid sent to Gaza uses land routes through Israel via trucks. This method is slower and less efficient than using the seaport.

A convoy of five trucks can deliver 100 tons of food, whereas a single ship can deliver the same amount or more using the port on the Mediterranean Sea.

Airdrops have also been used to get needed supplies into Gaza. However, pallets slowed by parachutes present a danger to people on the ground. Amnesty International claims that five civilians have been killed by falling aid packages.

Despite the need for humanitarian aid in Gaza, after the attack, over 240 tons of food still on board ships turned back for Cyprus where the sea-borne logistics for Gaza is established.

The IDF will investigate why the convoy was attacked. Every war has instances of friendly fire, which is defined as one side accidentally firing on its own personnel due to mistaken identity.

Hamas can give relief to the people of Gaza by declaring a ceasefire and releasing the hostages taken by the terrorists on Oct. 7th, which includes six Americans.