Italy Warns Migrant Surge Puts Europe’s Future At Risk

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni fears the migrant surge into Italy and across Europe puts the European nations at risk. Italy has seen over 8,500 migrants arrive in Italy by boat in the last week.

The surge of migrants to the United States has been in the world news nearly daily for years. Italy is joining the ranks of countries taking in unsustainable numbers of migrants.

Meloni voiced his issues with the migrant surge and how it can lead to Europe being at risk in the future. The European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen made several key points regarding the migrant issue.

In a recent statement, Leyen stated that this was a European issue that needed a European response. The response so far has been to move the migrants to other areas of Italy.

This method of transporting migrants to different areas of Italy has proven to have the same result as in America. American cities are overrun with migrants, funds are running low, and migrants are still flowing in illegally.

The United States is seeing the same issue with migrants. Those migrants are flooding the southern border states. The flood of people is moved to cities labeled as sanctuary cities.

When the migrants are moved, the numbers overflow the new areas causing financial issues in those cities. The financial issues and crises facing the United States are now being seen in Italy.

Without a proper plan in place to stop the flow of migrants into the United States, and now Europe, the crisis will continue.

The uncontrolled migration is what Meloni points to as the real issue. He has stated that if the migrations are stemmed to a controllable level in Europe and other nations it could help.

If the migrations were managed, then finding housing and funding may be possible. However, at the current rate, the flow of migrants is too much to handle on a daily basis.

For the United States, the answer is to consider shutting down the borders until the crisis can be managed. If this does not happen in the US or in Europe, the citizens of both areas will suffer.