Georgia AG Releases Indictment Of Antifa Under RICO Act

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced indictments for 61 Antifa activists under the RICO Act. Charges related to protests preventing the construction of a police training facility near the capital.

Recent indictments for former President Donald Trump sparked outrage across the country. Georgia’s indictments against Trump had a charge many did not expect, the Rico Act. The RICO Act is a federal law designed for criminal gangs and associations transporting across state lines.

Georgia has a state-based RICO Act and used that against Trump and his associates to make it nearly impossible to have any trial moved to the federal court system. When these charges happened, the theory was doors had been opened to have RICO Act charges used against liberals.

What was once a theory has now become a reality thanks to AG Chris Carr. The charges are for 61 members of violent Antiva-led protests within the state. Many of the people indicted also have charges of domestic terrorism related to the same protests. Carr gave his statement on Tuesday regarding the indictments.

“As this indictment shows, looking the other way when violence occurs is not an option in Georgia. If you come to our state and shoot a police officer, throw Molotov cocktails at law enforcement, set fire to police vehicles, damage construction equipment, vandalize private homes and businesses, and terrorize their occupants, you can and will be held accountable.”

Carr’s statement points at the issues many have had with the liberal lead protests over the past several years. In each of these protests, there has been destruction and vandalism. There have been many people hurt, homes and business set on fire, and damage to police equipment.

Where many people are not upset by a peaceful protest, these protests are far from peaceful. People have been hurt, incomes lost, and cities financially destroyed. The idea seems to be violence to make a point and no accountability following the protests and their aftermath.

Americans have been calling for a change and for accountability when these protests occur. AG Carr has finally taken up that challenge and made it his fight.

AG Carr can thank the state and DA Fanni Willis for the ability to bring forth these 61 indictments. By using the RICO Act in the indictments against Trump and his associates the state has said the Act can be used across the board.

This slippery slope used by Willis is now the legal method to bring the liberals to accountability for their protest-based actions now and in the future.