Sheriff: Illegal Migrant Gangs Committing High-End Michigan Burglaries

Michigan authorities are dealing with yet another byproduct of Joe Biden’s open borders as they battle what they call “transnational gangs.” These groups of illegal migrants are accused of committing high-end burglaries on wealthy residences in the state.

Word came from Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard that residents should secure their houses due to the home invasions.

Bouchard said the thieves target jewelry, money, safes, high-end watches, precious metals, luxury purses and electronics. So far, the bands of illegal migrants have made off with over $1 million in items.

He said they typically hit residences between 5 and 9 p.m. The sheriff said it is believed they intensely scout the targets and choose a time when no one is home.

They prefer to enter through back windows and work in groups of two or three. One is typically left outside as the driver.

Bouchard said the suspects are illegal migrants from South America and are drawn to the specific target, not the community. “They don’t recognize jurisdictions or borders of a country, a state or a county.”

Some label them “crime tourists.” Besides illegal border crossers, some reportedly enter the country through the Visa Waiver Program before overstaying their time and committing criminal acts.

They are believed to work in crews across the country in “a pretty substantial number,” according to Bouchard. “Oftentimes they purchase fake identification and they begin their criminality.”

Apparently, they are able to outsmart at least some security systems.

Michigan’s Oakland County alone has experienced between eight and 11 such high-end burglaries in the past year. The sheriff noted there is a clear suspect to blame for the rash of crimes affecting his jurisdiction and many others across the nation.

Washington, D.C.

Bouchard said the nation is “getting crushed. With fentanyl, human trafficking, and terrorist activity that is a ticking time bomb in my opinion. And obviously, transnational gangs that are now attacking communities in Oakland County.”

The beleaguered sheriff called on the federal government to “secure the border, fix the immigration system.”

As for residents of Oakland County, all he could recommend was to be vigilant, and upgrade and test security systems. Thanks to Biden’s open border, that is what many neighborhoods are down to.