Pelosi Accuses MSNBC Host Of Acting As Trump ‘Apologist’

Any objective assessment of the programming that airs throughout the day on MSNBC would describe the editorial position of its on-air personalities to be overwhelmingly critical of former President Donald Trump.

Nevertheless, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) could not resist accusing Katy Tur of serving as an “apologist” for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee after the host pushed back against one of the former House speaker’s claims about Trump’s presidential record.

The exchange came during an interview this week on “Katy Tur Reports” in which Pelosi attempted to gloss over the impact COVID-19 lockdowns had on the economy during Trump’s final year in office.

“I have sympathy and respect for everybody who votes,” the California Democrat claimed. “I’m just glad people vote. I know some of them will always reject those of us who might look different to them in leadership or the rest, and that’s that.”

After maligning Trump as someone who allegedly never demonstrated that he “ever valued or did anything to support a democracy,” Pelosi shifted into a celebration of President Joe Biden’s supposed accomplishments.’

“There are those who have real legitimate concerns about immigration, globalization, innovation and what that means for their job and their family’s future, and we have to address those concerns,” she said. “And Joe Biden is doing that.”

Pelosi claimed without citation that Biden “created 9 million jobs in his term in office” and asserted that Trump “has the worst record job loss of any president.”

To her credit, Tur chimed in by acknowledging that “there was a global pandemic” when Americans began losing their jobs in droves.

“He had the worst record of any president,” Pelosi doubled down. “We’ve had other concerns in our country. If you want to be an apologist for Donald Trump, that may be your role — but it ain’t mine.”

Tur bristled at her guest’s absurd depiction, declaring: “I don’t think anybody can accuse me of that.”