Climate Professor’s Tweet Suggesting Population ‘Culling’ Sparks Outrage

A tweet by well-known climate scientist and vulcanologist Professor Bill McGuire has ignited controversy for seemingly advocating drastic population reduction to curb carbon emissions.

In the now-deleted post, McGuire wrote, “If I am brutally honest the only realistic way I see emissions falling as fast as they need to to avoid catastrophic #climate breakdown is the culling of the human population by a pandemic with a very high fatality rate.”

The shocking statement drew swift backlash from fellow scientists and the general public alike. Many denounced the idea as “eco-fascism” and condemned McGuire for suggesting such an extreme measure.

McGuire later attempted to clarify his position tweeting “It’s not a view I advocate or welcome but it is a fact that rapid demand reduction will be necessary to prevent catastrophic #climate change.” But this follow-up did little to quell the outrage over his initial remarks.

Critics argued that McGuire’s logic was fundamentally flawed and that advocating for population reduction through deadly pandemics crossed a clear ethical line. Some accused him of harboring elitist anti-human views common among the most alarmist factions of the climate movement.

The controversy underscores the heated debate surrounding climate change and the measures some activists believe are necessary to address it. While most experts agree that reducing emissions is crucial they reject the notion that drastically culling the human population is a viable or morally acceptable solution.