Schiff’s House Censure Is Well Deserved And Long Overdue

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) finally got what was coming Wednesday when he was censured by the House, and that action should only be the tip of the iceberg.

As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, the California Democrat abused his position to the detriment of the nation. He floated lies and deceptions about former President Donald Trump knowing well that they were untruthful and would divide the nation.

All because of Trump’s audacity in defeating Democratic darling Hillary Clinton in 2016.

In the aftermath of the vote that made him only the 25th representative in U.S. history to be so dishonored, Democrats chanted “shame.” The truth is that, if there was any honor left in the party, it would not have been the GOP leading the charge to punish his reckless actions.

Instead, Democrats themselves would hold their heads in shame over the irresponsible accusations leveled at Trump over Russian “collusion.”

Now Schiff must stand before his colleagues and face an investigation by the House Ethics Committee.

The charges were no less than treasonous, and to spew them without proof was the height of carelessness and partisanship for a man of such high rank.

Schiff hardly stopped there. He put himself out ahead of every effort to destroy the president, and his actions toward impeachment were nothing short of disgraceful.

The three-ring circus the House performed last year in its so-called “investigation” of Jan. 6 only gave the representative more time to embarrass himself. It was a foregone conclusion without evidence, and every “gotcha” moment fell flat in front of the nation.

Meanwhile, the Democrat hopes to use the censure to boost his base in his effort to be promoted to a Senate seat. And on Thursday’s “The View,” he positively gloated over the “honor” of being targeted by Republicans for his lies.

Calling himself “effective,” Schiff told host Whoopi Goldberg that “they go after people they think are standing up to them, and more importantly, that are standing up to their master, Donald Trump.”

In a dramatic turn, he labeled his censure “tragic” and claimed it “tears down the House of Representatives.” The act, Schiff said, would only prop him up in his Senate race and he will wear it as a “badge of honor.”