Officials Claim Source Of West Wing Cocaine Will Remain A Mystery

The White House, renowned for its high level of security, is considered one of the most well-protected structures worldwide. However, officials involved in the investigation now suggest that the individual accountable for leaving cocaine within the West Wing might remain unidentified.

According to ABC News, the Secret Service announced on Wednesday that laboratory tests confirmed the presence of cocaine in the white powdery substance discovered inside the White House on Sunday.

A source closely associated with the investigation expressed to Politico that identifying the owner of the cocaine would be an arduous task due to the specific location where it was discovered. The source stated, “It’s gonna be very difficult for us” to ascertain its ownership.

The official stated, “Even if there were surveillance cameras unless you were waving it around, it may not have been caught. It’s a bit of a thoroughfare. People walk by there all the time.”

Initial reports indicated that the illicit drug was found in the White House library situated on the ground floor. However, the Secret Service subsequently clarified that it was actually discovered in a “work area” of the West Wing.

Media outlets have since reported that the substance was found in a designated locker area where both staff members and guests store their personal belongings during security screening procedures.

During the press briefing on Wednesday, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed that tours took place in the West Wing on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Jean-Pierre emphasized that President Biden and his family were not present at the White House during the weekend when the discovery was made.

In response to inquiries regarding whether staff members would undergo additional drug testing following the incident, Jean-Pierre stated that the White House already adheres to stringent guidelines, including regular testing, ensuring a rigorous protocol is already in place.

She emphasized, “And so we will take any action that is appropriate and warranted pending the outcome of the Secret Service – I’m Just not going to get into hypotheticals from here.”

Jean-Pierre chose not to provide further comments or specific details regarding the matter.

During the time when the discovery was made, President Joe Biden was at Camp David. He had left Washington on Friday and returned to the White House on Tuesday.