Companies Penalized For Busing Illegal Aliens to ‘Sanctuary City’

Like many other major Democrat-led cities across the country, Chicago has been trying to wrap its head around a major influx of illegal immigrants, as border security continues to be a problem.

These “Sanctuary Cities,” as they’re known, supposedly are a welcome place for illegal immigrants, since they won’t cooperate with federal immigration agencies to track down and arrest people who are in the country illegally.

Yet, now that Republican governors such as Texas’ Greg Abbott and Florida’s Ron DeSantis have been sending busloads of illegal migrants to their cities, leaders are trying to fight back.

The Chicago City Council recently passed new laws that regulate what bus companies are allowed to do in the city.

This week, the administration of Mayor Brandon Johnson started to file lawsuits against what they are calling “rogue” bus companies that transport illegal immigrants from other areas of the country to his city.

The law that allows for these lawsuits to be filed was passed in November. Since then, the city has initiated 55 suits based on the law. In some of these lawsuits, the city is seeking a monetary fine for the bus. companies

“[Chicago] continues to welcome asylum-seekers, but the city cannot safely and efficiently shelter migrants when bus companies, contracted by the State of Texas, flagrantly violate all safety measures that the city has put in place,” Cassio Mendoza, a spokesman for Johnson’s office, said in a statement.

The city’s new laws dictate where and when the bus companies are allowed to drop migrants off in the city. Only two buses each hour are allowed to operate, and they can only do so during weekdays from 8 a.m. through 5:30 p.m.

Media reports say that bus companies also need to receive approval from the city before they’re able to drop any passengers off.

The Johnson administration wants to impound any bus that doesn’t follow Chicago’s new rules, and also levy fines that could reach $3,000 against them.

The Chicago Tribune has reported that, since May, more than 460 buses carrying migrants have arrived in the city from other locations in the U.S.