Armed UFC Champion Stops Fleeing Criminal

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Champion Sean Strickland recently pointed a gun at a man being chased by a security guard over a domestic violence incident.

Strickland was recently seen holding a man at gunpoint that unexpectedly showed up at his home. The UFC fighter streamed the altercation he had with the man online, as reported by the Post Millennial.

On Instagram, Strickland shared footage of the incident, showing two cars parked outside his home. In the video, the UFC champion can be seen holding a man at gunpoint and later pushing him down toward the ground while yelling, “Sit the f—k down” after the man tried to flee.

The video showed another man nearby in a red shirt flashing his vehicle’s siren lights.

Strickland released the footage online on Nov. 27, 2023. The UFC fighter said he initially thought the man was trying to steal his vehicle, but it seems that the man was trying to flee a security guard who was following him on the road over a domestic violence incident, per MMA Junkie.

“Here’s what I know,” Strickland wrote on Instagram. “The guy was drunk stomping out a girl, a security guard seen it, he jumped in his car and drove off. Security followed him, hit a curb, completely shredded his tire, drove on the rim for a while then jumped out and tried to hide at my house. I initially thought he was stealing my car. He was arrested.”

Strickland is set to defend his middleweight title, according to MMA Junkie. On Jan 20, 2024, the UFC champion will face Driscus Du Plessis at UFC 297, scheduled in Toronto, Canada. In the UFC, Strickland’s record stands at 28 wins, five losses, and zero draws.

Strickland’s latest UFC fight took place in September 2023, where he defeated Israel Adensanya to become the champion of his weight division, the New York Post reported.

The Post Millennial reported that Strickland is not the first UFC fighter to use his Second Amendment rights to fend off potential intruders. In 2020, UFC champion Jon Jones picked up a shotgun and pointed it toward an alleged car thief from his home.