50 Cent To Adams: ‘Maybe Trump Is The Answer’

NYC Mayor Eric Adams is facing criticism from a well-known rapper after news of his plan to give out pre-paid cards to illegal immigrants was revealed by the New York Post on Friday.

Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, made an Instagram post on Saturday night calling out the mayor for the program, which is estimated to cost $53 million. Jackson, who was born in New York City, took a shot at Democrats, stating that former President Donald Trump would know how to handle the situation.

“WTF Mayor Adams call my phone,” he wrote. “I don’t understand how this works, somebody explains this. I’m stuck, maybe TRUMP is the answer.”

The rapper also complained that illegals receive better treatment than U.S. veterans.

The program, which would save the city $600,000 a month, would be funded by MoCaFi, a company out of New Jersey. Wole Coaxum, the founder of the company and a former Wall Street financier, expressed that the company looks to provide illegal immigrants with monetary resources.

“MoCaFi looks forward to partnering with New York City to disburse funds for asylum seekers to purchase fresh, hot food,” said Coaxum. “MoCaFi’s goal is to expand access to financial resources for individuals excluded from banking, such as asylum seekers while helping the local economy.”

The program would start with serving 500 illegal immigrant families and if successful, would be extended to the remaining families staying in hotels. The prepaid cards would only be used for food and baby supplies.

The amount of funds given would depend on the size of the family. For instance, a family of four would receive around $1,000.

This is not the first time 50 Cent criticized leftist policies. In 2020, he called out Biden’s tax plan, fearing the impact on his wallet.

“I don’t want to be 20cent,” he said about the proposal.

He is one of a few rappers lately to suggest support for Trump. Recently, Snoop Dogg stated that he had “nothing but love” for the former president, emphasizing how he had done nothing but good things for the rapper.