Rogan Blasts Biden, Newsom In No-Holds-Barred Segment

As President Joe Biden approaches his re-election campaign with a persistently low approval rating, a significant number of Democrats believe someone else should represent the party in next year’s election.

One of the party leaders frequently mentioned in hypothetical conversations about replacing Biden at the top of the 2024 presidential ballot is California Gov. Gavin Newsom. In a recent segment of his podcast, Joe Rogan opted to take on both men in a scathing rebuke of their respective records in politics.

He began with a brief critique of Biden’s heir apparent, Vice President Kamala Harris, declaring.

“I just can’t imagine the United States wants President Kamala Harris,” Rogan asserted. “I don’t think anybody wants that. Nobody wants that. Maybe some people would prefer that over President Trump, but nobody wants that.”

The conversation then shifted to Newsom, whom the host described as fundamentally untrustworthy.

“Nobody believes in that guy,” Rogan concluded. “That guy’s a f—ing conman. Everything he did in California, from trying to mandate vaccines for kids when it was totally unnecessary, to being caught out in public without a mask and lying about the fact that he was outdoors. He’s just a politician. Just a stone-cold narrative-driven politician.”

Comparing Newsom to former President Donald Trump, who is also a frequent target of Rogan’s criticism, he said: “Whether you like Trump or not, or whether you think he’s corrupt or not, that’s a real human being. You know what that guy is.”

On the other hand, Rogan described Newsom as a “cardboard cutout of a person.”

If Rogan’s take on Harris was the amuse-bouche and his takedown of Newsom was the appetizer, it was all building up to the main course, which was a merciless assessment of Biden.

“We didn’t get Joe Biden because Joe Biden’s amazing,” he declared. “Joe Biden’s been a goof his whole f—ing career. He’s always been a goof. He’s been caught lying so many times. He’s so full of s—. There’s so much evidence that he’s corrupt. Just undeniable evidence of corruption.”

The political climate has now reached the point that Rogan is considering extending an invitation to Trump for an appearance on a future episode, which is something he has previously opposed.

“I don’t know — maybe,” he said. “At a certain point in time, it’s just like — it would be interesting to hear his perspective on a lot of things.”