Nikki Haley Set Apart From GOP With Anti-Racism Promise

Republican presidential primary candidate Nikki Haley departed from her GOP challengers on Tuesday when she announced her support for anti-racism programs in U.S. colleges. Haley noted that, as president, she would revoke funding from schools that don’t employ anti-racism programs for students.

Haley told Fox News, “What we need to do is remind everybody ‘hate is hate’…And so on college campuses, if they don’t have programs designed to combat hate — and that includes anti-semiitism — their funding should be pulled.”

The clapback on Haley’s post on X – the platform formerly known as Twitter — was a clear indicator that she spoke out of turn with the prevailing party opinion on all things “woke.”

Certainly, every candidate isn’t expected to toe the party line. In fact, many American voters are tired of the establishment status quo. But there are certain lines that conservatives just aren’t willing to cross, and Haley may be learning that lesson the hard way right now.

Former Gov. Haley’s praise for such programs is clearly juxtaposed against her GOP challengers — most of whom feel anti-racism programs are nothing short of woke, leftist indoctrination.


Those assumptions aren’t unfounded.

In August 2023, San Francisco State University appointed a new assistant dean — Professor Diane Harris. The school clearly reported Harris will be “tasked with institutionalizing an anti-racist multicultural community within the college.

The University of Central Florida allegedly exacted an anti-racist program that went to the lengths of separating students by race and directing them to fight back against White Christian men. The university later backpedaled its program in light of public backlash.

While Haley is playing a close enough second to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) in the race for the White House, neither of them appear to hold a candle to former President Donald Trump’s (R) poll numbers.