Musk’s Mom May Put Brakes On Zuckerberg Cage Match

The possibility of a new confrontation between Tesla and Twitter tycoon Elon Musk and Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg has sent ripples through the social media world. This isn’t a corporate boardroom or courtroom battle. Instead, Musk has laid down a challenge for a different type of face-off: an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) cage match. However, a maternal intervention by Musk’s mother may alter the course of this epic showdown.

Musk’s challenge emerged amid reports of Meta’s development of a Twitter-like application that might rival his platform. With a sarcastic reference to Zuckerberg’s rumored ambitions, Musk tweeted, “I’m sure Earth can’t wait to be exclusively under Zuck’s thumb with no other options.” It didn’t end there; Musk went a step further and directly challenged Zuckerberg to a “cage match.”

This surprising proposition was met with unexpected enthusiasm, with Zuckerberg accepting the challenge on his Instagram story, replying simply, “Send me location.”

Dana White, the UFC president, confirmed the seriousness of both tech moguls in pursuing the showdown. He predicted that such a contest would be the “biggest fight ever in the history of the world,” surpassing all pay-per-view records and raising hundreds of millions of dollars for charity. According to White, the appeal of this confrontation is universal, transcending the boundary of traditional fight enthusiasts.

In response to the impending showdown, Musk seemed eager to prepare, accepting an offer from UFC legend Georges St.-Pierre to help him train. This offer was greeted with the enthusiastic response, “Ok, let’s do it,” bringing the potential clash a step closer to reality.
However, Musk’s preparedness for the match relies on something other than training. He has previously trained in judo, Kyokushin, and “no rules streetfighting.” With Zuckerberg also sparring with podcaster and jiu-jitsu fighter Lex Fridman, it is clear that both billionaires are taking the prospective match seriously.

However, Maye Musk, the billionaire’s mother, has intervened with a “mom card,” expressing her concerns over her son’s safety. She argued for a less dangerous battle of wits in several tweets, stating, “A verbal fight only. Three questions each. The funniest answers win. Who agrees?”

While the public eagerly anticipates the potentially historic face-off, it remains to be seen if Maye Musk’s maternal intercession will stop the planned UFC-style duel or if we’ll witness the tech moguls’ clash in the Octagon.