Massie Offers Advice Amid Push To Restore Pandemic Measures

As mask mandates resurface in certain locations around the nation, Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has extended guidance to freedom-oriented Americans.

Morris Brown College in Atlanta reintroduced a “temporary” mask mandate despite not having any reported cases on campus. Moreover, Lionsgate, a Hollywood studio, is enforcing N95 mask usage among employees. Meanwhile, healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente has implemented a mask mandate at its hospital and medical offices in Santa Rosa, California, “in response to this latest increase in COVID-19 cases.”

However, Massie contended that these initiatives will only resurface if Americans permit them to do so, emphasizing that resistance becomes imperative.

Massie posted on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, “If bureaucrats try to reinstate any COVID tyranny measures, resist them with a vengeance. Do not comply. They are not empowered by the Constitution to make laws that govern your lives, so it is they who will be engaged in disobedience.”

Addressing a comment from a user on X who highlighted the absence of accountability, Massie affirmed that others would take the initiative.

He said, “Even if they are held accountable as they should be, there will be legions of others ready to take their places UNLESS we all stop complying with their unconstitutional edicts and unscientific whims.”

The guidance arrives as the media initiates fear-inducing tactics concerning the increasing COVID figures, all the while obscuring the true causes from their viewers.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters said this week, “President Biden declared COVID over last year, but the media is begging for a comeback tour.”

After criticizing an NBC news clip about a recent surge in COVID cases, Watters explained, “COVID follows seasonal and regional patterns. Every year, there are three waves. One starts in New England in the spring, the second travels north from Mexico in the summer and the third wave travels in all directions from the Dakotas in the fall.”

He continued, “Deaths and hospitalizations are dramatically down from last year. There are more people hospitalized for falling down than are hospitalized for COVID right now. Six thousand more people are in the hospital because they tripped and fell than got COVID. NBC News isn’t telling everybody to start buying walkers and canes. But real data is the enemy of politicians seeking total control. The less you know, the easier you are to subjugate.”