Majority Of US Voters Support Building Border Wall

A large majority of Americans came around to the wisdom of former President Donald Trump’s call to build a border wall.

A new Fox News survey released Wednesday demonstrated a massive surge in support for the project as the calamity of Biden’s open border policies is increasingly clear.

A solid 57% of registered voters now support building a structure along the nation’s border with Mexico. That’s a net of 14 points higher than in 2015, the year before Trump was elected.

At that time, 50% favored the wall with 47% opposed.

The low point for support for the border wall was in Sept. 2018 when 51% of registered voters opposed its construction. The clear irony is that support ebbed the most when Trump’s immigration policies were most effective.

The gain in positive reaction to building the wall came from Democrats’ traditional base of support. Backing from Hispanic voters increased 14% since just February while Black voters supported the wall 9% more over the same period.

The surge coincides with the arrival of waves of illegal migrants into Democratic strongholds. Major cities that declared themselves to be “sanctuaries” are now buckling under what Texas and other border states endure every day.

Then there’s the “emergency” situation at the border.

When the question was last proposed over three years ago, 27% of registered voters described the border as an emergency. Again, during the height of Trump’s administration.

Now that total is 48%, and this surge as well is due to Democrats seeing the situation as critical. The increase is 27% for Black voters, 26% for independents, 24% for Democrats overall, and 23% for Hispanics.

To be sure, there are other issues of glaring importance for U.S. voters, but the momentum is strongly toward building a border wall.

For example, 58% cite Biden’s rampant inflation as a national problem, and 52% believe the rash of opioid addictions is at an emergency level. A solid 48% are concerned about violent crime, yet another issue that has soared in importance under the current administration.

By comparison, only 39% see climate change as an emergency and 34% deem the Russian invasion of Ukraine as a crisis.