Majority Of US Voters Favor Banning TikTok

A majority of U.S. voters, 54%, support a federal ban on the controversial social media platform TikTok, which has been banned across several states.

A recently released survey by pollster Scott Rasmussen’s firm, RMG Research, showed that nearly 33% of American voters say they “somewhat” or “strongly” oppose a federal ban on TikTok and 13% said they were unsure of how they felt on a ban.

By age, the survey showed that 69% of individuals over 65, 60% of people aged 55-64, and 57% of those between the ages of 45 and 54 support a TikTok ban, according to the Daily Signal.

Among all social media platforms, TikTok was the one that 51% of U.S. voters said posed a “very” or “somewhat serious” threat to America.

The poll surveyed 1,000 registered U.S. voters and has a 3.1% margin of error, according to Just the News.

The Heritage Foundation’s director of the Tech Policy Center, Kara Frederick, has echoed the concerns of many regarding TikTok, warning that the platform’s collection of user data could make Americans vulnerable to the CCP.

Frederick has been one of many prominent voices to advocate for a nationwide ban on TikTok.

To date, 34 states have taken action to restrict the use of TikTok on government devices and networks.

In testimony to Congress, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew said that the social media platform’s parent company, ByteDance, based in Beijing, China, is not an agent of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“Let me state this unequivocally, ByteDance is not an agent of China or any other country,” Chew said while reiterating the platform’s plan to ensure U.S. user data is protected by storing it on servers owned and operated by the prominent software company, Oracle.

Federal Communications Commission official Brendan Carr has revealed that TikTok sends sensitive user data to the Chinese government, which closely controls the platform’s algorithms.

Amid the Middle East war between Israel and Hamas, a terrorist organization, antisemitic content has increased dramatically across TikTok. A recent General Lab survey showed that “young adults who used TikTok were more likely to hold antisemitic beliefs.”