Freedom Caucus Rails Against Any Leftist Spending Measures

The House Freedom Caucus has vowed to reject any spending bill that directs funds to nonsensical leftist Pentagon policies, fails to address the “weaponization of the Justice Department and FBI,” or include the “Secure the Border Act of 2023.”

The House Freedom Caucus also said it would not support any spending measures containing a “blank check for Ukraine.” Recently. The White House asked Congress to allocate over $13 billion in emergency defense aid for Ukraine amid the country’s ongoing war with Russia.

“We remain committed to restoring the true FY 2022 topline spending level of $1.471 trillion without the use of gimmicks or reallocated rescissions to return the bureaucracy to its pre-COVID size while allowing for adequate defense funding,” a Freedom Caucus press release states, as reported by the Blaze.

“However, when Congress returns to Washington, we will have just a few days before government funding expires on September 30, and time is rapidly running out to enact all 12 appropriations bills,” the group added.

The House Freedom Caucus’ pledge comes as Democrats in Congress push to include ideological policies in spending bills for the Pentagon.

In 2022, for example, House Democrats passed a military spending bill, which included funding for environmental disasters caused by “global warming,” as reported by Fox News. What does the environment have to do with the military? Absolutely nothing.

“Therefore, in the eventuality that Congress must consider a short-term extension of government funding through a Continuing Resolution,” the press release adds.

“We refuse to support any such measure that continues Democrats’ bloated COVID-era spending and simultaneously fails to force the Biden Administration to follow the law and fulfill its most basic responsibilities,” it continued.

The House Freedom Caucus also warned that it would not support Congress using short-term funding extensions against the December 2023 deadline to pass a “monstrous” spending bill.

“Furthermore, we will oppose any attempt by Washington to revert to its old playbook of using a series of short-term funding extensions designed to push Congress up against a December deadline to force the passage of yet another monstrous, budget-busting, pork-filled, lobbyist handout omnibus spending bill at year’s end…” the press release reads.

“Lastly, we will oppose any blank check for Ukraine in any supplemental appropriations bill.” It adds.