Evidence Mounts That Trump Will Never Receive Fair Trial

The kangaroo court expected to hear the Biden government’s case against former President Donald Trump is led by a judge increasingly shown to be actively anti-Trump.

Tanya Chutkan was supposedly chosen at random to preside over the D.C. case involving the controversial 2020 presidential election. Only, not even Democrats believe that she is impartial.

Evidence mounted in recent days when Chutkan denied a simple and reasonable request from Trump’s attorneys. She scheduled a hearing for Aug. 11, a date that both of his lawyers were not available for.

One of them was scheduled to be in Florida at a hearing for yet another Department of Justice case against the former president. Both Trump’s legal team and the prosecution agreed to move the hearing back a day to accommodate his constitutional right to legal representation.

How did Chutkan respond to the perfectly reasonable request?

She denied changing the date by 24 hours in a move that even the prosecution agreed would give the former president his full counsel. Clearly, there is an ax to grind for this appointee of former President Barack Obama.

Trump can clearly see that he is being railroaded by the Biden administration toward a guilty verdict handed down by the predictable D.C. jury that will be sworn in. He took to social media in recent days to demand fair changes to his prosecution.

Trump posted, “There is no way I can get a fair trial with the judge ‘assigned’ to the ridiculous freedom of speech/fair elections case. Everybody knows this and so does she!”

He went on to announce that his defense team will ask for a recusal of Chutkan and a change of venue out of the nation’s capital.

The judge is well-known for her overly aggressive sentencing of Jan. 6 defendants in the past year — even those who never entered the Capitol building. She repeatedly went beyond what prosecutors requested in sentencing those found guilty.

In typical leftist fashion, she parroted the Democratic mantra that the protests that day presented a “very real danger” to U.S. democracy.

Further, Chutkan in 2021 rejected Trump’s assertion of executive privilege concerning the release of documents to the House select committee investigating the protests.

Justice is meant to be impartial, but any honest observer can see that what is being done to the former president is not justice. Rather, it is the systemic weaponization of the federal government to eradicate President Joe Biden’s most powerful rival.