Donald Trump Jr. Says He’s Against Nikki Haley For Vice President

Donald Trump Jr. said that he would “go to great lengths” to prevent former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley from joining his father’s campaign.

Trump Jr. was interviewed by Newsmax on Christmas Day and was shown a clip of Haley as part of the interview. After the clip, Trump Jr. was adamant that he would not want Haley in his dad’s administration and would do whatever was needed to prevent it.

“I would go to great lengths to make sure that that doesn’t happen,” Trump Jr. said about Haley as a potential running mate for his dad. “Nikki Haley wants never-ending wars. She’s a puppet of the establishment in Washington, D.C. She’s the new favorite candidate of the billionaire class – no different than academia and Harvard.”

Haley has made significant gains in the GOP primary polls compared to the current second-place candidate Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Initial polling had DeSantis in a tight race against former President Donald Trump with Haley polling 30 points or more behind DeSantis.

Those same polls now show that Haley and DeSantis are almost even while Trump is hovering at close to 50 points ahead of both candidates. While Haley has closed the gap with DeSantis, Trump’s lead is larger than ever.

Trump has seen the momentum Haley has with some Republicans, and reports began to surface that he began asking his advisers and allies what they thought about Haley as a potential Vice Presidential candidate.

It was after those reports that Trump Jr. made his feelings on Haley clear and other important conservatives have done the same.

“I would not only not vote for that ticket, I would advocate against it as strongly as I could,” Tucker Carlson said in an interview with Tim Pool. “That’s just poison.”

Former Trump strategist Steve Bannon told Politico that Haley used “outdated Republican talking points” and embraced “Fox News-laundered neoliberal neocon policies that MAGA finds unacceptable.”

Haley has criticized Trump throughout the campaign and has said, “I don’t run for second” when asked about the possibility of being Trump’s Vice President. Based on current polls, Haley is running for second in a tight race against DeSantis, and a place on Trump’s ticket seems to be the best she can hope for now.