Cold Weather Didn’t Stop Iowans From Voting For Trump

The chilly weather didn’t deter Iowans from caucusing at Emerson Elementary School in a rural town just 15 miles south of Des Moines, with 160 Republicans turning out.

Chris Nelson, a 39-year-old marketing executive who supports former President Donald Trump for his commitment to border security, expressed his belief that many people don’t truly grasp the nature of Iowans.

Nelson said, “I don’t think people understand Iowans. This is just another day in January for us.”

James Spiker, a 75-year-old disabled Vietnam veteran, entered with his oxygen tank and walker, embodying Trump’s call to voters to participate in the caucus, even if they had health challenges.

Spiker commented, “Nothing would stop me coming here to vote for Trump. He may not be a perfect man, but he knew what he was doing.”

In addition to Nelson and Spiker, every other caucus attendee interviewed by The Post expressed that their top priority was halting the increase in migration across the southern border, followed closely by concerns about the economy.

Prior to writing down the name of their preferred candidate on an orange slip of paper, each participant had a final opportunity to persuade their fellow attendees and potentially win over last-minute supporters.

At Emerson Elementary, five individuals advocated for Trump, led by Joani Estes, a 60-year-old wearing the official white baseball cap that identified her as a Trump campaign “caucus captain.”

Estes delivered a three-minute script provided by the Trump campaign, which started with the line, “I’m here on behalf of the greatest president of our lifetime and the only candidate who can beat Joe Biden.”

She concluded with her personal touch by saying, “Who do I want as the leader of my country? I want a bad a—.” The audience applauded.

Three individuals advocated for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and among them was Josh Simmerman, a 35-year-old building contractor with three children aged 6, 4, and 18 months. He expressed his admiration for DeSantis, particularly for “standing up to Disney when they were trying to infiltrate our kids’ minds.”

Simmerman also emphasized his desire for a youthful president after the 2024 election.

He said, “All of us here are sick and tired of seeing Biden being led off the stage and tripping up staircases. Everyone knows when you hit your 80s, things go downhill. You’re not functional anymore.

Simmerman continued, “It takes a really mature and great leader to say, ‘It’s not my time in the limelight anymore. I’m going to bolster the next generation of leaders.’ It takes an egocentric person to say, ‘It’s mine. Only I can do it.’”

Former President Donald Trump achieved a historic victory in the Iowa caucuses on Monday, leaving his rivals far behind. This resounding win solidified his dominance in the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.