Chicago Mayor Condemns Abbott’s Handling Of Migrant Crisis Impact

On Friday’s “CNN This Morning,” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson expressed concerns about the impact of the migrant crisis on local economies. He criticized Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott for what he perceives as “governing out of fear.”

Johnson emphasized the strain on local infrastructure, stating, “[W]e have infrastructure in our local communities that [is] not designed to carry such a burden. Local municipalities are not structured to be able to carry the weight of a crisis like this.” He brought up the need for better coordination, sharing insights from a delegation visit to the border to understand the challenges bordering cities face.

Johnson suggested that without a coordinated operation, local economies would suffer due to the financial burden of the crisis. In a harsh critique of Gov. Abbott, Johnson stated, “We have a Governor in Texas that is governing out of fear.”

He stressed the importance of sound minds in addressing the situation — he also expressed gratitude for the leadership of Democratic Mayor Eric Adams and Mayor Mike Johnston, who are working collaboratively together. He said Abbott’s decision to send airplanes to Chicago without regulation was “dangerous.”

However, some states are at their breaking points now due to the sheer volume of migrants entering the country since Biden took office. Realizing that the Biden administration is not going to stop allowing migrants into the country so Democrats have more votes secured for future elections is, indeed, a frightening idea.

However, Abbott seems to be governing out of urgency and concern for American citizens — not so much fear.

We need this problem urgently addressed — it’s no wonder why Gov. Abbott has to take these extreme measures. He also signed a bill that would permit law enforcement to arrest migrants if they suspect them of having crossed the border without authorization.

The left is not overly concerned about the financial consequences of admitting approximately 800,000 migrants annually for the past two years. However, Democrats have been long characterized by their lack of emphasis on scrutinizing the details of expenditures, including considerations of whose money is being spent, why it is being spent, and where it is being allocated.

One issue at the forefront is economic strain. Migrants, particularly those with lower skill levels, may strain local economies by competing for jobs with lower-skilled native workers. This competition can lead to wage suppression and increased unemployment in particular sectors. Another problem is the burden that is handed to social services.

Massive spikes in migrants put a heavy strain on local social services in the form of education and healthcare. The increased demand for these services, especially for migrants with larger families, can lead to budgetary challenges for local governments.

Of course, issues like a strain on local law enforcement and safety concerns, our welfare systems and public assistance programs being strained and job displacement problems also come to mind. Of course, sending a private plane of migrants out of Texas and to Chicago is a much more dangerous scenario in the eyes of the left.