Bruner: FBI Corruption Goes To ‘Highest Levels’

The Government Accountability Institute’s (GAI) Director of Research, Seamus Bruner, unleashed a bombshell revelation on the latest episode of the Drill Down podcast. According to Bruner, the depth of corruption in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reaches the highest echelons of the Bureau.

Bruner, author of the book “Compromised: How Money and Politics Drive FBI Corruption,” outlined the degree of corruption within the FBI. “The past four FBI directors have all been involved in some kind of political scandal, weaponizing the Bureau against political opponents,” Bruner stated on the podcast.

Recent investigative reports have spotlighted instances where FBI officials hindered investigations or strategically alerted individuals under scrutiny, including Hunter Biden. In a congressional hearing last week, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) grilled current FBI Director Christopher Wray about the agency’s role in surveilling parents protesting local school board policies and labeling Latin-Mass Catholics as potential “domestic terrorists.”

Further reports reveal troubling links between the FBI and the Ukrainian government in an alleged effort to censor American citizens on social media. The FBI reportedly facilitated Ukraine’s intelligence service’s censorship requests on major social media platforms. This move potentially violated Americans’ First Amendment rights and national security.

Bruner’s critical examination of these committee reports led him to conclude that corruption in the FBI is not an isolated incident. “Getting to the bottom of all this, we see that it goes all the way to the top,” he expressed. Such findings foster mistrust among citizens, as evidenced by 80% of GOP voters suspecting potential FBI meddling in the 2024 elections.

Another recent episode of the podcast shed light on a previous episode focusing on whistleblower Gal Luft, charged by the Biden Justice Department over business dealings with a Chinese energy company. Luft alleges that the Bidens had a mole within the FBI that provided classified information to Chinese benefactors.

Luft claims he shared this information with the FBI in 2019, but the Bureau suppressed his evidence. If true, this information raises questions about the FBI’s actions and integrity.
Bruner’s analysis also highlighted unresolved details of a plea bargain involving Hunter Biden. The public remains in the dark about the specifics of this case as federal prosecutors, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and even the Internal Revenue Service continue to probe the matter.

This sweeping report from the GAI draws attention to an alleged pattern of corruption and political weaponization within the FBI, extending to the top. It calls for increased transparency and accountability from law enforcement agencies, as citizens’ trust hangs in the balance. It remains to be seen if the findings will trigger the necessary changes to restore faith in the FBI and ensure justice prevails.