New Yorkers Protest Against Tent City Near Elementary School

Crowds gathered in Queens this week to protest a shelter opening that will house 1,000 male illegal immigrants. These tent cities opening across the US have been causing an uproar as community members, families, and businesses speak out against it. This time, it’s going to open right near an elementary school.

A senior center is also situated close to where the illegal immigrant shelter will be located. Protesters brought hand-made signs and chanted in unison, “No tent city.” Residents are expressing how firmly they reject the plan that state leaders approved.

Thousands of illegal immigrants entering the country have put NY in a tight spot, with hotels and homeless shelters at capacity from the sheer volume of these individuals. The tent city opened after just 10 days of setting up. Reports state that it has been placed in the parking lot of a Queen’s psychiatric facility.

Various individuals were placed under arrest during the tent city protest, including former GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa. He reportedly refused to move out of the street where he and other protesters were blocking traffic. Some of the protester’s signs read, “This is a national emergency!” and “Close the border!”

Other signs read, “My tax $$$ being used to destroy my neighborhood” and “Our children deserve a safe school.” The psychiatric facility, where the immigrant shelter was set up, is within walking distance of several schools, including special education schools. Many protesters waved American flags and yelled, “Close the border!”

Some individuals expressed concern for the immigrants but suggested the shelter’s location is more of a problem. Many have been placed in Central Park since so many have flooded the state. Sources say NYC is facing 10,000 monthly thanks to Biden’s disastrous immigration policies.

Since April 2022, over 90,000 illegal immigrants have arrived in NYC. Last month, around 55,000 were still being housed on the taxpayers’ dime. NYC’s deputy mayor for Health and Human Services said, “We need support, and we think the system is at a breaking point.”

In conjunction with NYC’s homeless population, the city is sheltering a record high of around 106,000. Data compiled by the TRAC paints a shocking picture, with 1,989,942 immigrants admitted into the U.S. since Biden took office in January 2021.